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Bella Glass Studios, Inc.

Please be sure to pick up your class items in a timely fashion and use your groupons, coupons and gift certificates before 2018. We will be here through December 2017, but no guarantees past this date so please plan accordingly!

Please note: Bella Glass STUDIOS is up for sale, Bella Glass PRODUCTION is not. 

* The business and the building are not the same thing. *

To all our loyal students and customers, it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that we are going to sell the business (NOT the building, we rent our unit).  We have had a great run and tons of fun these last 18 years with you all and cannot thank you enough for your patronage and smiling faces. We will miss you all so much!!!

Shannon, as you all probably know, had a stroke last year and has some lasting health issues. The time has come that she needs to sell it and it’s time for me to move on. I have loved my time spent with mom here creating and with all of you, but different endeavors are in the futures for all of us – Shannon, Michelle, Dave, Dustin & Kara.  Plus Shannon can finally officially retire for good, and dad is happy about that!

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you are interested in buying or if you know anyone that might want to buy the Studio that mom spent 18 years cultivating into a wonderful creative outlet for Denver. Please send all SERIOUS questions and interest to 
** We are NOT selling the building, we rent our unit. At this time we are NOT liquidating, we are trying to sell the WHOLE business. We will notify folks via email newsletter & social media if we decide to close and liquidate so please don't ask about "parts" for sale.

In the meantime, we are trying to reduce a bit of inventory so that means SALES for you!

Sheet glass – 25% off
Scrap stained glass - only $2.50 per pound for the non-sorted colors, $4.50 for sorted
Tools/supplies – 20% off
Pottery painting walk-ins & MDF shapes – 30% off all pottery items (not valid with Groupons or other coupons)
Canvas painting – 40% off all canvas walk-ins (not valid with Groupons or other coupons)

Glass walk-ins - 15% off

We have a TON of 96 glass and luckily for you, most of the stuff we kept in our reserved bins for our classes is up for grabs!  

Plus, did you know we have buckets and buckets of scrap stained glass that is perfect for mosaics? Not only that, we have all sorts of fun wooden bases that are great for mosaics too!

AND!  For all you pinteresters, we have boxes and boxes of empty wine bottles, perfect for all sorts of DIY activities at home. We’ll be selling these at just 50 cents per bottle or a case (12) for only $5 for all colors except blue will be $1 each or $10/case.

We also have lots of cool tables and chairs that are up for sale, photos & info on request.

 BUSINESS IS FOR SALE!!!  Please click HERE for details.