Finished gallery items now 60% off!!!

Ikea wood tables in dark color and natural wood color, goes from circle to oval with built in inserts only $40 each! (Reg. $229)

90 coe glass, dicro, frit and stringers

Bella Glass PRODUCTION is NOT closed!!‚Äč

Bella Glass Studios, Inc.

96 coe glass, dicro, frit and stringers

These items below are on a first come, first serve basis and will not be "saved" for anyone unless a payment is made in full.  Local pick up only!

If you would like to make sure you are able to be the first to purchase it, I will send an invoice via email for you to pay with credit card ASAP and as soon as that is paid, the item will be saved for you and available for pick up any time.

Please remember everything being sold, no matter what it is, is sold AS-IS.

There are NO warranties, NO guarantees, NO refunds, NO exchanges on ANYTHING. 

And remember - cash is always helpful for less cc fees for Shannon. Thanks!