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stained art strips 

Have you thought about taking a stained glass class but aren’t sure if you’ll like it? In this class we’ll give you a quick overview on glass cutting, leading and soldering. You’ll leave the class with a beautiful glass art strip to hang on the wall or in a window. All supplies included to make a beautiful piece with glass and embellishments of your choice. Min age: 12 

No experience necessary!    SEE CALENDAR


Join Shannon for a one-day hands-on course with an emphasis on learning to incorporate pot and wire drops (pre-made) creatively into traditional stained glass. This class is perfect for a beginner or advanced level artist.  (No experience necessary.)

Combine non-traditional glass objects to fabricate ultra contemporary panels. Learn to work with drops, found items and head glass. Simple tips on fabrication platforms allow you to combine items of irregular thickness into panels of unlimited size. Use luxurious add-ons to create "upholstered glass". Use common materials to produce "bronze" reinforcement that allows open-ended design and dramatic dimension. After this class you may never make a FLAT glass panel again!

$230 class fee includes all supplies for the day and lunch. Min age: 14

  No experience necessary!    SEE CALENDAR

beginning stained glass

fast track (2 day wknd)  

All Inclusive!!  That's right the cost of this class is ALL INCLUSIVE.  In this fun, fast paced weekend course you'll learn how to prep the pattern, pick the glass, cut the glass, etc. to make not one but TWO projects! You'll be learning how to create not only a copper foil project but a leaded project as well. We'll have patterns and glass to choose from (options to upgrade glass choices available) plus you'll get to use our tools as well! We'll of course have tool kits available for purchase with student discounts also because we know you'll love this and want to continue the art/hobby. You won't find an all inclusive stained glass class like this anywhere else.    Min age: 12 

*** Pregnant women are not allowed to take any stained glass classes due to health factors using lead around a fetus. Please consider fusing classes instead. ***

  No experience necessary!    SEE CALENDAR

stained glass DRAFTING & CONCEPTS W/ DAVE 

** This lecture is HIGHLY recommended before you take our Intermediate/Advanced Stained Glass Class. **

This is a three hour semi hands-on lecture class. No tools are required but bring a writing instrument and a creative mind.  There will be time in this class to discuss your next project with an experienced stained glass designer and teacher, so be sure to bring your ideas to class.  
Highlights:  Learn to design using different drawing utensils, measuring devices and substrates.  Learn about the different metals you can utilize in your construction and how to strengthen your panels.   Learn the basic concepts for measuring and installing panels into existing windows and doors (the sashes). This class is for students who:
* want to learn drafting, especially when working on larger panels
* want to install panels into windows/doors
* have some stained glass skills and knowledge, and want to acquire more
* are long-time stained glass artists who are rusty and/or need to fill in holes in their knowledge.
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intermediate stained glass 

 Need a refresher course in copper foil and/or leaded stained glass?  Want to go to the next level and/or refine skills you already have?  Need a jump start on creating those stained glass gifts for Christmas?  Need to complete a project that has been sitting? Want to build lamps, boxes and/or incorporate your stained glass into furniture and/or woodworking pieces?  We can help!  Join us for this fun, fast-paced class.  Students choose their own projects with teacher’s approval.  Student must provide their own hand tools, including soldering irons.  Bella Glass provided grinders, Morton Boards and cutting surfaces.  This is a three hour, four week long class that can be taken as often as you like - make-up sessions not provided. All supplies and glass must be purchased from Bella Glass.  Beginning Stained Glass Fast Track is a pre-requirement. (Knowing lead if you want to work on lead - again, learned in our Beginning Fast Track.) Stained Glass Drafting & Concepts class is HIGHLY recommended prior to taking this class.  *** Pregnant women are not allowed to take any stained glass classes due to health factors using lead around a fetus. Please consider fusing classes instead ***   Min age: 12


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